Louisiana Federation of Music Clubs


Junior Counselor/Teacher Forms

Junior Counselors/teachers, these Guidelines are directives from NFMC and LFMC to give you assistance in your participation in our Federation Festivals.  Even veteran Counselors need a periodic review of these directives.  Also, please take a few minutes every September/October to review your Festivals Bulletin for additional NFMC rules.  This will help avoid a disqualification of a student after Federation Festivals.

Each Junior Counselor/Teacher is required to be a member of a Senior Club, and their students are required to members of a Junior Club.  To join, please contact the Senior Club in your area.  Senior Clubs are listed on the "Senior Music Clubs" page on this website. 
The Vivace online Festivals Management System is fully functional.  NFMC is requiring that all Festivals be conducted using Vivace and not using any previous systems such as paper forms, spreadsheets, or other databases.  If your Festivals sponsoring area is not already enrolled or in the process of enrollment in Vivace then you need to contact your Area Chairman about what to do.
Although the forms and spreadsheets we have used in the past are still available below, they are listed here only as a means for you to organize your own personal records.  The Vivace system will generate the forms and reports that the area chairman and the state chairman will need.  This includes the judges' Rating Sheets.  Please check with your local area chairman for any additional forms your area may require.

  You can download the forms by clicking one of the links below. After downloading, print it. You must have Acrobat Reader to view and print some of the forms. Acrobat Reader is free, you can get it here.

JR 3-8 Festivals Official Application (pdf) Download
JR 3-11 Student Event History (pdf) Download
JF - G Guidelines for Junior Counselors (pdf) Download
JR 3-9 Festival Rating Sheet (pdf) Download
JF TL-X Teachers List (Excel) Download
JF TL-P Teachers List (pdf) Download
JR 3-1

Junior Festival Transfer Information (pdf)

JR 3-13 Specially Capable Junior Musicians Application (pdf) Download