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The State Junior Convention and Competition for 2021 is back on!  Because we are still experiencing the Covid-19 pandemic the event will be held virtually by way of YouTube videos this year.  Please check out the forms and instructions at the bottom of this page for more information.  The deadline for submitting all paperwork and YouTube links is April 23, 2021.

State Junior Convention

Special Announcement and Exciting news from the

Louisiana Federation of Music Clubs!

May 7-21, 2021


(Some of the information below is not pertinent for 2021.  Please see the bottom of this page.)

Held at the University of New Orleans, all Louisiana Federation Juniors are invited to participate in this annual STATE JUNIOR CONVENTION.There are activities open to all who attend, and Juniors who earn a rating of Superior at their Federation Festivals piano, string and vocal events are qualified to compete at the statewide level.Here they perform their Superior-rated required piece before a panel of three judges who may select a Winner and Honorable Mention in EACH class, from Pre-Primary to Musically Advanced.Trophies and medals will be awarded to winners in all classes, at the judges discretion, along with the privilege to claim to be the Best in the State!  In addition, we offer numerous generous CASH AWARDS to the winners of varying groups of the Piano Solo, Piano Duet, Piano Concerto, Piano Hymn Playing and American Patriotic Folk Song, String Solo, String Concerto, Vocal Art Song and Vocal Musical Theater event. We would like to grow the Vocal Duet Art Song and Musical Theater events, to be able to provide a cash award for these events.

See Procedures for necessary additional information

At the
Awards Ceremony, the above awards are presented, also: LFMC Scholarships to graduating seniors; National Music Week Essay Award, Junior Composers Contest Awards, as well as Festivals Gold Cups (90 points, 75 points, 60 points) and 12 Consecutive Superior Awards. The extraordinary accomplishment which each of these awards represents will be recognized before the entire convention, adding to the prestige of the Juniors (and their ) who have achieved these milestones.

In addition to fun activities, there will also be a Junior Meeting, where the Juniors themselves elect Officers who will participate in the Awards Ceremony and will serve in leadership roles for the coming year.

Thanks to the many generous businesses, individuals and clubs who have sponsored awards! There are still many awards that need a sponsor. Please consider donating a Junior Convention Award to support our LFMC Juniors and encourage their excellence.


Entry fees for 2021 remain the same as in previous years. There will be no non-competing entrants this year.
$30 Entry Fee allows qualified Juniors to compete in up to four events.
$60 Entry Fee allows qualified Juniors to compete in five - eight events.


Teacher's List (Excel)
Sponsorships for the various awards are being accepted from clubs, individuals and businesses.
Donor's names will be published in the State Junior Convention program and announced at the Awards Ceremony

Junior Convention Chairman Irene Vile


THANK YOU to all these generous sponsors!!

2019 Junior Convention and Competition Awards


2019 LFMC Junior Officers

(Picture coming soon)

Congratulations to our newly elected LFMC Junior Officers:
LFMC President Gwen Redding, Junior Treasurer Matthew Vuong, Junior Secretary Bayleigh Fife, Junior President Mary Beth Baker

Congratulations to the 2019 Winners!




  Event Levels Award Sponsor  
  String Solo Medium - Advanced 2 $150 Unsponsored  
  String Concerto Junior 2 - Senior $150 The Music Club of Baton Rouge & LFMC  
  Vocal Solo, Art Song Junior 1 - 3 $100 Unsponsored  
  Vocal Solo, Art Song Senior 1 - 3 $300 Edith Kilgore Kirkpatrick  
  Vocal Solo, Art Song Musically Advanced 1 - 3 $400 Unsponsored  
  Vocal Solo, Musical Theater Junior 1 - 3 $100 Mr. Aubrey Nolan  
  Vocal Solo, Musical Theater Senior 1 - 3 $300 Metairie Music Club  
  Vocal Solo, Musical Theater Musically Advanced 1 - 3 $400 Betty M. Thibodaux Memorial  
  Piano Hymn Playing Class 1 and 2 $100 Lori & Glenn Schurr  
  Piano Hymn Playing Class 3 and 4 $150 Mr. & Mrs. Glynn Rhinehart  
  Piano Hymn Playing Class 5 $200 Charlotte Davis Parrott Endowment  
  Piano American Patriotic and Folk Song Medium - Moderately Difficult 3 $100 A Friend of LFMC  
  Piano American Patriotic and Folk Song Difficult 1 - Advanced $100 Junior Counselors Club of Baton Rouge  
  Piano Duet Elementary 1 through 4 $100 Mrs. Kay Hawthorne  
  Piano Duet Medium  -  Moderately Difficult 1 $200 Mrs. Kay Hawthorne  
  Piano Duet Moderately Difficult 2 and 3 $200 Junior Counselors Club of Baton Rouge  
  Piano Duet Difficult 1 and 2 $200 Ching Song's Piano Studio  
  Piano Duet Very Difficult 1 - Musically Advanced 2 $400 The Music Club of Baton Rouge  
  Piano Solo Elementary 3 and 4 $100 Mr. & Mrs. Mark Vile  
  Piano Solo Medium $100 Mrs. Joy Harvey  
  Piano Solo Moderately Difficult 1  $100 Metairie Music Club  
  Piano Solo Moderately Difficult 2 and 3  $200 Metairie Music Club  
  Piano Solo Difficult 1 and 2 $200 Hall Piano Company  
  Piano Solo Very Difficult 1 -  Musically Advanced 2  $400 Hall Piano Company  
  Piano Concerto Junior 2 - 3 $300 Greater New Orleans Music Club  
  Piano Concerto Senior $400 Hall Piano Company